Graeme Stevenson

Software Developer & Computer Scientist

Hello (World)

I'm a software developer.

I mainly write Java, but have used Swift, Kotlin, Ruby, and R. I'm a Semantic Web advocate, and work with XML, JSON, and relational data. I've developed context-aware apps, self-organising systems, and algorithms for situation recognition and prediction.

I'm a computer scientist.

I have a PhD from the Univeristy of St Andrews and worked in academia for nearly 15 years. I've published over 40 papers and have an h-index of 14.

I'm based in Scotland.

But I like to travel, and can work remotely too.

I'm a homebrewer.

I brew ales and lagers with my Grainfather and collection of sturdy Spiedel fermenters. I'm working on a brewing app, which I'm planning to release in 2017.